About This Webinar

The switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles is quickly gaining momentum. Despite recent years of shifting regulatory policies, OEMs are committed to a gradual shift to EVs, with as many as 130 available EV models by 2026, according to IHS Markit. This transition will bring sweeping infrastructure changes, and forward-thinking fleet managers are already tackling some of its challenges. 

Join Scot Wingo, Spiffy CEO, and Salim Morsy, Senior Director for Shell Recharge Solutions, as they navigate the shift towards an electric future and the infrastructural and logistical hurdles fleet managers need to clear for success. After leveraging insights from their fleet clients and years of industry experience, Scot and Nate will answer questions from the audience in a live Q&A.

By attending this 45-minute webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • The top factors driving fleet electrification and the companies leading the charge.
  • Step-by-step strategies to transition your fleet to electric vehicles.
  • The current and upcoming landscape for EVs and their estimated cost savings.

Whether you’ve started exploring how to electrify your fleet or are facing square one, now is the time to learn and prepare for the rapidly approaching future of fleet management.

Scot Wingo

CEO & Co-Founder, Spiffy

  • A 4-time serial entrepreneur from the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina. He is an industry thought leader in e-commerce, the on-demand economy, and the future of mobility. Scot has appeared on CNBC, The Today Show, and contributed thought leadership to the WSJ, New York Times, Forbes, and many other publications. Scot regularly speaks about e-commerce and on-demand topics at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition), NRF’s/shop.org Digital Summit, NRF’s Big Show, Shoptalk, NPD Idea, Bronto Summit, ChannelAdvisor Catalyst, and many e-commerce/retail oriented Wall St. conferences.

Salim Morsy

Senior Director, Shell Recharge Solutions

  • He is responsible for structuring and executing new strategic opportunities in the B2B e-mobility vertical at Shell. Prior to joining Shell in 2019, he spent 8 years at Bloomberg New Energy Finance as an EV market analyst. He has a BA from Bard College, an MSc from LSE, and an MBA from NYU. He is based in New York City.

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