Refresh your fleet with Smart Tumbler

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Driving customer satisfaction has never been more affordable.

Lingering odors are a leading cause of negative customer feedback for fleet and rental car companies. If you are focusing on increasing customer satisfaction scores while maximizing utilization, the Smart Tumbler can help.

The Smart Tumbler is a user-friendly, reliable solution for odor-removal of organic materials, smoke molecules, and bacteria. It automates the deodorizing process for your vehicles, leaving them completely odor-free in only 20 minutes – it’s never been more affordable to refresh your fleet after every turn.

This easy-to-use product fits into any cupholder and delivers a water-activated chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas throughout the interior cabin and ventilation system. The end result is an effective odor elimination treatment that makes any vehicle smell brand-new.

Quickly & simply eliminate:

  • tobacco smoke
  • vaping odors
  • HVAC odors
  • mold smell
  • cannabis odors

Treatments Tailored for Every Need

Light Treatment Tablets

To remove odors after every vehicle turn, try our new Light treatment option.
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Smart Tumbler Heady-Duty Treatment Tablets

Heavy-Duty Treatment Tablets

If you're facing tough odors like cigarette or marijuana smoke, try our Heavy-Duty option.
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Battle-tested thousands of treatments to completely remove organic odors.


Designed to eliminate technician exposure to harmful chemicals.


Delivers results in 20 minutes with proprietary, proven technology.

Easy to Use

Professional technicians not required.

Additional Features


Minimal moving parts guarantees multiple treatments.


Controlled and measured electronically for dependable results every time.


Utilizing multiple devices increases fleet utilization and customer satisfaction scores.


Non-toxic and environmentally safe to use.

Let's get fresh.

How It Works

1. Place Smart Tumbler in cup holder.

2. Start car and turn on air.

3. Place tablet in holder and press start.

4. Leave car and let Smart Tumbler work.

Why is Smart Tumbler effective?

Chlorine dioxide gas is an oxidizing biocide, which excels as a deodorizing agent in enclosed spaces like vehicle interiors.

That’s because it’s small enough on a molecular level to easily permeate through surface materials.

In fact, an individual chlorine dioxide molecule is small enough to attack and remove bacteria and smoke molecules - making it a top choice for eliminating pesky odors in your vehicles.

Questions about Smart Tumbler?

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