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The Spiffy Story

Imagine your car feeling new again.

Born & raised in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, our team at Spiffy® has always had an affinity for technology and customer experience. Since 2014, we’ve used those passions to pursue our goal of truly convenient and eco-conscious car care for individuals and fleets across the country.

With our Spiffy app, you can schedule, track, and pay for mobile car wash & detail, disinfection, oil change, and other maintenance services at a time and location that fits your schedule. Our professionally trained technicians come to you with the equipment needed to make your car feel new again.

Not only that, but all of our services are designed with the local ecosystem in mind. Our Spiffy GreenTM solution uses eco-friendly supplies, less than half the water of a traditional car wash, and never leaves anything behind. Our proprietary technology safely removes and recycles used water and oil. We can even turn tires into power thanks to our PRTI® partnership. 

Spiffy residential services are now 100% zero contact. Your Technician will call or text upon arrival and you can tell them where you left your car keys. They will perform the service and disinfect your keys before putting them back. As always, you can rate and pay right from your phone.

Whether you’re at home or work, we’ll take care of your car so you can get back to living your life.

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