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Tire Health

Tire Health

Easy Tread

Revolutionize tire maintenance with Easy Tread, patented technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in tire diagnostics. This intuitive device goes beyond mere tread depth measurement; it provides visual insights and actionable recommendations for tire care, shown to increase customer purchase by up to 2x in a recent JD Power study.

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Odor Elimination

Odor Elimination

NuVinAir® Powered By Spiffy

Powered by our innovative, patented technology, NuVinAir offers a suite of rapid-acting, proprietary products integrated into our Healthy Vehicle Programs. These initiatives have been meticulously designed to standardize cleanliness and health across automotive interiors.

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smart tumbler
Odor Elimination

Smart Tumbler

Elevate your customer experience with the Smart Tumbler. This innovative device fits perfectly in a cup holder, actively neutralizing odors and refreshing the air inside your fleet’s vehicle. The Smart Tumbler offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to enhance customer satisfaction through patented odor elimination technology.

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