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You know Spiffy as a tech-enabled services company focused on disrupting the auto-care industry. In pursuing this opportunity, Spiffy has developed World-class software that uses modern technologies (SaaS, IoT, LTE, Smartphones, etc.) to deliver a complete digital service with an unparalleled, zero-friction consumer experience.

Because it is our belief that every existing service industry will ‘go digital’, we have developed our software to be modular, extensible and flexible enough to be used in different industries that want to bring their services into the digital age rapidly.

Spiffy Software Platform (SSP) Operational Flow

To this end, Spiffy has started licensing the Spiffy Software Platform (SSP) to companies outside of the car-care industry that are interested in applying our platform to digitize other service-oriented industries. The SSP has been in development for over 5 yrs and represents millions of dollars of investment and tens of thousands of engineering hours and of course we are continuously innovating the platform for our own needs as well as our SSP customers.

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to license the SSP for your industry, contact us using the form below:

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