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Fleet Care Services

Washing & Detailing
  • Services range from exterior wash to a comprehensive full detail
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Ad Hoc Frequency
Oil Change
  • Synthetic-blend oil
  • Lasts up to 5,000 miles
  • Includes new filter & multi-point inspection
  • Removal of decals and wraps from vehicle
  • Ready-for-Auction detail
  • Ready-for-Auction oil change
Custom Solutions
  • Wash + Oil combo
  • Oversized or specialty vehicles
  • Biohazard and insect removal

Manage a Car Sharing Fleet?

The model of car ownership is changing dramatically with new and innovative car sharing models exploding on the scene. If you operate a car sharing company or subscription model, Spiffy is the perfect service for you. Your customers can ride knowing Spiffy takes care of your vehicles' appearance, leaving them #SpiffyClean.

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Centralized Service Management

Never waste time shuttling your fleet or digging through billing for car care services again. The Spiffy Fleet App makes maintenance scheduling and billing easy. At zero-cost to you, your custom app seamlessly schedules Spiffy services and tracks them for billing, allowing you to get back to business.

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Why Fleet Managers Choose Spiffy

Spiffy Fleet saves time
Onsite service slashes downtime
Spiffy Fleet drive ROI
A fully functional fleet drives your ROI
Spiffy Fleet technicians rock
100+ Spiffy technicians have your back
Spiffy Fleet consistently 5-star
Consistent 5-star results
Spiffy Fleet technology enabled booking
Seamless service management with technology-enabled booking and billing
Spiffy Fleet schedule on your terms
Schedule on your terms
Spiffy Fleet is more green
Reduce risk and shrink your footprint with Spiffy Green
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