If you’ve ever had to wash your car yourself, then you know how inconvenient and labor intensive it can be. If you wash your car at your home, you may also know a thing or two about how it can raise your water bill. Well, now you don’t have to worry about washing your car yourself if you don’t want to.

Spiffy is a full service mobile car detailing company in the Triangle, offering everything from basic hand car washes all the way up to full scale mobile auto detailing services. The best part? We travel directly to you!

Discover What You've Been Missing!

The Triangle is a growing area, and people are busier than ever between their careers, kids, friends/family, and other activities. Often times, we get so caught up in our lives, that we don’t really have the time to care for our vehicles the way that we really should.

From food spills on the interior to bird and bug “spills” on the exterior, our cars can take a beating, and if left too long, these little “spills” can actually cause permanent damage, leading to expensive repairs.

Mobile car detailing is a convenient and responsible way to keep your vehicle in great condition without having to sacrifice time out of your busy schedule. Choose from Spiffy’s five different mobile auto detailing services, and our professionals will show up and take care of the rest.

Mobile Car Detailing When You Don't Have Time

Think of the time it takes you to wash your car. If you wash your vehicle at home, you have your water bill to think of. If you drive it to a self-service car wash, you still have to spend money only to do the labor yourself; and half the time, the tools that are provided at a self-serve car wash are sub standard. If you take your vehicle to an automatic car wash, you run the risk of potential damage due to harsh chemicals or other mechanical equipment.

At Spiffy, our mobile auto detailing services include one or more of our team members coming out to you with all of the supplies that are needed to provide you with the most thorough, meticulously detailed service you will ever experience.

Give us a try today. Download our mobile app on iPhone or Android today to get started!