Spiffy is Convenient

Technology enabled booking
Seamless service management with technology-enabled booking and billing.

Your team can request services with a custom Spiffy Fleet app. This gives you 100% visibility into where every vehicle is in the car care process. App not for you? No problem. Give us a call to book.

Spiffy save time
Slash downtime with onsite service.

Spiffy comes to you for every service and nights and weekends are always an option. Whatever is most convenient for you works for us.

Spiffy is Trusted

Spiffy drives ROI
Drive ROI with a fully functional fleet.

Since Spiffy comes to you, your team can focus on delivering your top-notch service while we maintain your fleet. We can have your vehicles on the road and earning income as soon as the day you request a service. Spiffy Fleet clients tell us they can usually complete at least one extra service per vehicle by not taking that vehicle down for maintenance. What would that mean to your bottom line?

Spiffy has 5-star results
Consistent 5-star results.

Spiffy's technicians are W2 employees that complete 100+ training hours on our process and procedures. Our technology enables us to see the before and after condition of every vehicle, and managers consistently review the work. The result? Your 1st Spiffy service is the same as your 10th and your 100th and your 1000th.

Spiffy is Professional

Spiffy trusted technicians
100+ Spiffy Technicians have your back.

Spiffy services 150-300 vehicles/day for our larger fleet clients. We have the scale to help you with peak demand periods and keep your fleet 100% on the road.

Schedule on your terms
Schedule on your terms.

Have an immediate need? Looking for a set schedule? We can make that happen. Some fleet clients utilize Spiffy in an on-demand capacity while others prefer an automatic weekly/bi-weekly/monthly maintenance schedule. We flex to meet your needs.

Spiffy is Green

Spiffy green wash
Reduce risk and shrink your footprint with the Spiffy Green car care system.

We use half the water of traditional car washes and perform wash and oil change services on a reclaim mat to ensure nothing is left behind.

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