How It Works

Step 1: Ordered

Choose “Spiffy Mobile Tires” in the Spiffy iOS/Android app, or online and select your new tires.
Pro-tip: you’ll need to know your wheel size, which you can find on your current tires. Our FAQ has a visual.

Step 2: Delivered

Your tires will usually arrive within 48 business hours, and our Customer Care Team will confirm your appointment time ahead of delivery.

Step 3: Installed

On the day of your appointment, the Spiffy Tires technician will contact you to get your keys and install your tires.

Step 4: Completed

After our technician completes your appointment, you can use the Spiffy app to rate your experience and pay for your service. You can also tip your technician here.


Spiffy Green Tires

Reducing waste and transforming tires into power with PRTI®

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Eco-friendly, Schedule-friendly Tire Changes

Get your tires changed at your convenience, not the tire shop’s. Booking your Spiffy Tires service at home or work is as easy as using our app. We know you probably have questions, so here’s our FAQ.

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