We are on a mission to redefine the car care experience everywhere.

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Imagine your car feeling new again. 

That's our customer promise. Since 2014, we’ve used our passion for technology and customer experience to pursue our goal of truly convenient and eco-conscious car care for individuals and fleets nationwide.

Some things have changed along the way and others remained the same. We have always been mobile, app-based, and car wash & detail focused. Now we are 100% zero contact and offer complete car care, including disinfection, oil change, tire repair and replacement, and other maintenance services. 

Our Spiffy GreenTM solution uses eco-friendly supplies, less than half the water of a traditional car wash, and never leaves anything behind. Our proprietary technology safely removes and recycles used water and oil. We can even turn tires into power thanks to our PRTI® partnership. 

We take care of cars so our customers can get back to living their lives. Are you ready to deliver on the Spiffy promise?

The Process

The Process


Meet Spiffy the Penguin!

Our penguin mascot reflects our dedication to a fun professional attitude and eco-conscious mindset. Bright blue vans sporting the Spiffy penguin logo will be one of your best marketing vehicles (pun intended).

What Makes Spiffy Unique

We’ve been dedicated to building a positive brand since day 1. From our penguin logo and truck designs to our company values, it hasn’t failed us yet. By joining Spiffy as a franchisee, you are gaining the support of an established brand that captures attention and instills confidence.

Schedule Anywhere

What began as a goal of mobile, on-demand service evolved into a seamless smartphone app experience for consumers. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has expanded into zero-contact services - giving a new definition to “zero friction.”

We Come To You
Car Care

We exist at the intersection of comprehensive car maintenance - detail, disinfection, oil change, tires, and more - for local drivers and national fleets. Our impact is amplified by diverse partnerships - such as Safelite and PRTI - which facilitate an all-in-one market for our customers.

Notification When Complete
In-House Technology

Technology runs throughout Spiffy, from our consumer and technician apps to the trucks and vans we upfit for service across the country. Our commitment to innovation has pushed us to bring the conveniences of e-commerce and the internet of things to the automotive space.

Pay And Rate

Our co-founders - Scot Wingo and Karl Murphy - brought together their unique philosophies to create Spiffy. Our approach is rounded out by a seasoned leadership team, a commitment to W2 employees, and corporate support - including accounting, marketing, and customer service.

Spiffy Values


The combination of our mobile service with smartphone and online booking enables us to be the ideal on-demand car care solution.


Every car is in the hands of experienced technicians, with over 100 hours of training, background checks, and million dollar insurance policies.


Our fully uniformed technicians arrive in a Spiffy-branded van, upfitted with the power, water, supplies, and equipment needed for each service.


From water usage to our eco-friendly supplies, our Spiffy GreenTM approach continually works to reduce our footprint and leave nothing behind.

Spiffy Franchise Support

Get on the List

We plan to open up applications for new franchise locations starting in 2025. Complete the form below to get on the notification list.

*Spiffy only offers franchises in states where the disclosure document has been registered. Accordingly, Spiffy franchises are not currently being offered for locations in or to residents of the following states: Hawaii, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.  Offering can only be made by delivery of a franchise disclosure document.

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